From 2018, Development Center for Youth has chosen work with trade unions as one of its strategic priorities, focusing, among other things, on young activists from the perspective of raising their capacities and promoting and protecting their labour rights.

Young trade union activists are often unfairly neglected as a youth structure, which is why Development Center for Youth with its partners seeks to show (through implemented and planned projects) their true strength and ability to influence different social processes. It starts from the fact that it is sometimes difficult for young people to gather and make a move through a formal group, while through trade unions they are already united and represent one of the most organized youth structures whose potential needs to be directed and empowered, for the benefit of both themselves and other categories of young people they represent.

Since the initial partnership established with the Trade Union of Administration of Republika Srpska, cooperation has spread to other trade unions at the regional level, and then to representatives of other sectors interested in the topics covered – youth associations, as well as with education and scientific sector.

Regardless of the thematic focuses, aim of all projects is always the same – to improve knowledge and skills of young trade union activists to participate in social processes of importance and to advocate for improving the situation in the field of youth labour rights.

So far, project activities have included hundreds of young trade union activists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia, with the participation of partners from Croatia, Greece and Slovakia, and we are in the process of initiating new activities and expanding cooperation.

We have decided to take a step further and create a unique platform for setting up information relevant to young trade union activists. This way, we want to bring closer to them created tools, brochures, animations, invitations for seminars and trainings, current competitions/open calls, as well as information on all projects that the consortium has been implemented.

Follow us, many interesting things are yet to come!